Free and Fallesce

Since SL wouldn't let me buy those great mesh sweaters from Mr. Poet last eve (finally fixed this morning)  I took some time to peruse the Marketplace freebies. And look what I found! This very nice jeans and sweater set in lovely Fall colors from [VS] Style.  Now the jeans are a little low-slung for my personal tastes, so I added an undershirt to protect my tender tummy from the cold air. The sculpy parts work very well; I love the slouchy pant cuffs.

The Mr. Poet free sweaters (white, black and blue) are pretty nifty and while sized for guys of course, work OK for gals, giving us that "I borrowed my boyfriend's sweater" look. Most of us already have the great free color change scarves from Mr. Poet, but if they are missing from your inventory, be sure and pick those up while you are there. They are on the wall next to the lucky boards.

I have to say I was happily surprised to see that taking off the prim part of the sweater from [VS] Style, left a very cute cropped top which works well with this sweater coat. Yeah!

Lani was busy watching the lucky board at the Gabriel prop store, Tia,  yesterday and after a little while she came away with the prop backdrop you see in the top photo and below. It is around 150 prims with all the accessories and included lighting choices, couch color and glow changes as well as solid "green screen" backdrops if that is your style.

I can't say I was thrilled with the way the poses work. It is the old multi pose ball set up and once you get in the spot you want, you turn on the pose from your inventory.  The poses however (Gabriel has a pose shop also) are very nice and Lani was thrilled to have them added to her almost non-existent pose collection. They fit her very well. So this is definitely a great addition to your prop set up if you have a little time. The board is a group one; joiner is right next to the board.

One last thing before I depart for the corporeal climes; I finally got around to changing my Audrey heels from KALNINS FASHION to another color. Black has been working several days for me *wink*, but I wanted to show you one more time the lovely finishing work on these shoes (and feet of course). They are really premium and one of my favorite footwear styles of the season. I actually make copies of the shoes after changing color as I am a lazy gal, but if you pride yourself on a skinny inventory, the color changing is a breeze.  See previous posts for other photos. Click the one at left for a closer view.

And while I was typing up this last part of my post, I won the pose prop from Gabriel on a wildcard!  :D

Poses by: Vista Animations