School Daze

Living in the subway isn't all that bad, especially when you have 1,600 prims to play with *wink*.  As part of my LEA installation I need characters. No details of course, but obviously this setup is about school.  Xia's outfit is a group gift from Baiastice and Sami's still cute outfit is from the pre sculpty era (amazing). The only details I have on its history is that she sat up all night (8 hours) to earn it. For those of you that are new, product camping was a popular sport a few years ago.

My outfit, however, is mostly new. The Emily sweater from Koketka comes in lots of yummy colors including pastels and neutrals. The blouse has little ruffles and button details. The Caprice jeans, also from Koketka are both cute and comfy. There are many variations on the style including some with rips. This is the dark blue with stones version.

Obviously this is not just school girl attire, the sweater could be paired with a skirt to make a nice business outfit, the jeans have LOTS of possibilities. All  layers are included, even tattoo.

My backpack, an oldie, is from hate this.

Watch for more adventures in the subway and city as I continue to work on my two month project.

Poses by: Sugar Mill (group pose) and LAP