There is a new skin for guys just out. He goes by the name of Zeus and he is a hottie. Now there is really no point in panting over this fellow (that's either you or me) as he is simple me in guy form *wink*. Chav got a makeover today courtesy of UNIQUE MEGASTORE.  Zeus comes in three tan skin tones with this being the darkest.  Twelve facial hairs are available and each comes in a set with variations of hair base and chest hairs.

I am used to the boy next door Chav in the top photo, but I have to admit that some of the other choices are wickedly enticing. We all seem to have a bit of "bad boy" or girl hiding in the corners of our libidos. Or, maybe not hiding for everyone!

Stop by and try out the demos. Nany Merlin has indeed made a nice skin for the Y chromosome set.

The boxers in the top photo are this months freebie from the always good to the guys Vitamen store.  Chav's hair is from Amacci, necklace from Yabusaki.

Here is the direct LM to the Zeus line.

Poses by: Diesel Works