Forgotten Freebies

Deep in creation, I am finishing my day with another freebie post. I decided that "A", I do need a break from building and "B" it is good to get back to my freebie roots *wink*. So when I find something great and free, I am going to pass it along. If you see Lani, my alt (and it would be difficult miss that Chic is not the model) then you will know she is wearing all free stuff. She has $0L and until she finds a trivia place or other money making venue, she will be among the masses of poor folk in SL. She could build something of course, but not now while her "sister" is busy over at LEA.

Great finds for the day are group gifts from Coco (courtesy of Interia Gothly). Not only are there some very nice boots (in need of an alpha layer now but I am sure one will turn up with some free shoes somewhere along the line), the very nice and suitably slimming black sweater is also from Coco. Lani picked up some other items too and they may appear in another post. Pants are part of a set from VERO MODERO for the Womenstuff Group.

She felt much in need of a necklace so went to hunt for the very first mushroom on The Mushroom Hunt. The winner filled with the prize (while I posted this earlier, that necklace came special delivery) is in a VERY tiny mushroom. But, happily it is now her very first piece of jewelry. Yeah. It is a cutie.

I will be back with you next post. Don't you worry.

PS>  I noted that of the bloggers sending in their post for the Newbie Style Challenge lickity split, some are going for last years rules of spending no money. So there will hopefully be some great things to discover from all those savvy fashionistas. 

Poses by: Ani-Mate and remote control; photography by Chic. Pose hunting tomorrow.