Forest Primeval

 A quick evening post as I DID promise you a pretty picture.  My sweater (billed as a dress but a long sweater in my mind) is from Koketka; Lena is the style name. Nicely cabled, it comes in several colors, this being "bordo".  The Frenzy boots, also from Koketka happily have matching trim so coordination is a simple affair. 

My pick a place from the destination guide trek took me to Twilight Highlands,  a very pretty enchanted forest where you can rent homes or just enjoy the flora and fauna.

My sitting pose is new from aDORKable, one of the Pop a Squat releases which include mirrored versions for each sit. I am VERY happy to have these courtesy of that Hair Fair contest I won awhile back. They will definitely come in handy as I am low (really low) on sitting poses :D. So happy girl, I head to bed and wish you sweet dreams or a productive day depending on your time zone.

Poses by: Adorkable  new Pop a Squat