Great Free Stuff

Lani has been out looking for wardrobe enhancements.  She won a big prize yesterday and so lindens are not a problem. Still, if it is great AND free? Even better. There are lots of hunts going on now and advent calendars will no doubt be in evidence soon (love those).  With a bit more time, I will be checking out some places on my to do list.

Above is an outfit from the Dollar for Dollar Hunt.  The complete outfit is shown on our guest for the day, Divine. While Lani loved it all, her more than necessary for survival type shape caused some fitting issues *smile*. Still she was thrilled with what she could use in the prize from Fa Creation.  She went with black jeans from the prize at another stop -- a bit more slimming ya know. The boots resized nicely and she even made the socks larger all by themselves. These could work for guys too I am thinking. BTW the dotted sweater has a really cute fringe piece that is difficult to see on Divine and not sizable for chunky Lani. So cute!  

Also in the news, but not shown are new male and female tall biker (silver buckles and such) boots from Gabriel; a group gift. In fact there lots of great group gifts for both guys and gals as you first walk in the store. So if you haven't visited of late, now is the time to check that out. Amazingly the group gifts are transfer (yes really).  There is also a sale going on. There are some nice things at discount prices, but watch the vendors as I found a couple with sale tags and the original prices :D.

Photo taken at one of Gabriel's photo studio sets. They are for sale.

Poses by: LAP