Romantic Snowy Picnic

OK. I have to admit I was a little shocked when I hopped into this pose and found myself in a tight embrace. Wonder and I are not "that" kind of friends. But the extremely pretty Snowy Picnic in the Woods set from Hanaya as part of the Candy Cane 3 grid wide hunt (dollarbie) said I needed a partner and Wonder was available and almost always dressed in outdoor casual mode *wink*.

The set includes a whole wintery scene including picnic basket and coffee giving pot.  Items come coalesced with the picnic table setup being one piece, the trees and grass another, picnic basket a third and the lights with squirrel a forth. Happily with so may extra prims at my disposal, I copied over more trees and grass. Such a pretty view which may get enhanced sometime soon. It IS that holiday season and snow at 3700 meters is still snow :D. Edit: While enhancing my landscape with more trees and snowy grass, I found that the coffee set is also separate. So many choices :D.  Also it appears that the trees may be mesh as when I made copies it said 20 prims and 55 prim equivalents. But even if you aren't in a mesh viewer, you can use parts of the set. 

A note from the designer let me know that the trees are regular sculpties and not mesh. I have no idea what that message in Firestorm 3 meant then. Hmmmm.

There are three different (long) animations -- each shown here. The fellow (or person taking that spot) sits first. It seems like the first sitter is the only one that can change the poses, at least in my experiments. /1a adjustments are in the mix for fine tuning.

No newness in the outfit arena this eve. My closet seems to be filled with fancier accouterments.