Poses and animations - it would be difficult to wander through our virtual world without being able to express ourselves in movement. Static poses in particular are a big part of my upcoming installation at LEA and so I am even more aware than usual.

I have a lot of new things to show you in the pose category, but I was working with these newish (yes, alas, busy gal here) couples releases from Ivanka Akina and wanted you to see them. Honestly, I have only tried out a few -- BUT I used every one *wink*. I am a happy gal.

The pose ball sets are called "I Love You"; there are nine in all.

It's raining in the city, but I don't care because I am in love. Well, not really -- but don't I LOOK like I am? That is the magic. Illusion.

You can find the poses here at Deviant Style.

See yesterday's post for info on my new jeans and shirt.