Have You Checked Your Archives?

Tuli fans will be glad to know she is still with us if not very vocal these days *wink*. I had been wondering. So many folks just disappear and we never know. While there are no new skins to show, there is a fun pirate outfit in the archives (group is closed now, so only those 7,000 members need to hurry - LOL).  Now I don't check my notice archives as often as I should. Happily I was deleting some groups that disappeared at the end of last month and decided to check the others. Low and behold a present. I really love the gloves. Everything I am wearing except the necklace is in the set and there are MANY more layers and options available.

My necklace is from {*I <3FashiOn*} - Accessories  on the Mushroom Hunt.  My backdrop is an previous hunt prize from Hanaya. I better get over there and see what new hunts might be on for this month. The prizes are always great.

Poses by: Everglow (NEW)