STEAM 6 - Part 4

Woot!  I showed you the outfit for guys from Rag Dollz #082 in the last installment of the Steam 6 Hunt saga. Well here is the lady's prize. SO cute!  And happily I have a new very demure skin just out (like an hour) from Egoisme. It seems to be a hit as the sim is very full at the moment. Along with a choice of skin tones there is a makeup pack with gentle touches of color. This is a perfect skin if you are "young" or "gentile" (as in Victorian). So the two new arrivals in my closet pair prefectly.

Back to the Cabaret Pink outfit, you can wear it with or without the bustle. While it isn't suitable for a ladies tea, it is definitely enticing. My Selene boots in peach from lassitude & ennui go perfectly -- just a hint there. This photo is taken atop a mini floating island that comes with outdoor seating, a prize from Amulet #031. The .:O:. Peace Island measures 12x12.

There are lots of housing designs to choose from in this hunt including what looks like another winner from Builder's Brewery #084. It isn't quite ready yet, so when you drop by you will be given some artwork and an IOU. This has happened in the past and those houses were always delivered, so no worries.

And when you choose your new abode, you will need some furniture. This library set from Imaginoirium  #075  comes with bookcases, settee and table with books. The seating has a choice of two poses. The carpet here is one of the lovely textures available in this hunt. It is from Texture Junction #064.

I have lots of accessories from this hunt, both in housewares and in clothing and I plan on a wrap up post of some of them tomorrow. But I had to give this very cute little Coffee Maid its own billing.

It is animated, has sounds for its brewing cycles, gives a steamy cup of coffee to the person that has asked for it and talks politely. What more can you ask for? Find it at  Zeitmesser Inc #071.

Poses by: Diesel Works