Nightly Androgyny

Two great new releases plus my Wanderlust boot highlight tonight's post. First up is a new androgynous skin line from Egoisme, the Evian - Alex. Alex, an appropriate name as it spans the genders, comes in "male" and "female" versions. The face changes dramatically depending on your shape and it looks fantastic on some guys. Premade shapes are available.

While I am definitely a gal at heart, I have always been intrigued by the androgyny look. Long ago -- maybe three years -- there was a blogger who presented that look in each post. With great photography skills and a good sense of style, it was a pleasure to view those features. Sometimes the look would be more male, sometimes female. In truth, they definitely (notice the lack of gender mentioned) did a great job presenting the lifestyle choice.

The release is huge with tons of choices. One of the most fun bonuses in my estimation are the makeups.  Here I stacked two. Demos are of course available. This is a great skin  if you are "young" or "boyish" or if you are a male that loves that softer look.

My new duds are a cute outfit from Blue Blood called Nightly. Pink, purple, red and teal versions are also available.  Mesh boots previously featured are from lassitude & ennui.

Poses by: Juxtapose