Book Learnin'

I am over at Drowsy this morning searching for books. I love books. I love learning. And I of course love presents. There is a hunt going on you see. Find the right books, reap the rewards.

My dress of the day is the new tangled dress in cedar from JANE for the Mesh March Madness event.  This is my personal favorite of the release group. Happily I blend in nicely with the forest. The newest studies show that 75% of residents are now using mesh viewers so I feel comfortable enough wearing this out and about. Yeah!

The books are craftily hidden, but the hunting is lots of fun. The sim is a dream to explore and many more areas (photo op - photo op) have been added since my last trip. There are books and animals and trees (LOVE the Drowsy trees) to be found. I haven't opened my finds and I have more hunting to do, but if you love to explore this is a great adventure for a Sunday afternoon. This book stack with pose is one of the wearable prizes.

These are what you are looking for. They are sometimes alone, often with "friends". Look high, look low, look in the water. Look in obvious places and places not so obvious.

Most of all, have fun.

And now I am going back to hunting.

Poses by: Vista Animations, the book pile

And here is an update with a view of a few of the prizes. Click photo for a larger version.  The open skybox (think photo backdrop) is gift 15. There are a variety of trees in pots and lots of book sets. The boxes with casters are empty and can double for shelving or tables. Everything is very nicely made of course. Some prizes are from Bettiepage Voyager and some from Kurotsubaki.