I spent yesterday doing about half of the Supernatural Hunt 3. I did find a few superlative prizes, so here are my personal picks. The hunt object is smallish and black, often VERY difficult to see against the background. The website gives both hints and places but no SLURLs so you pretty much need to find each and every prize. That being said, hats off to the following stops.

Mad Pea for this very nicely done church with spell tables. This reminds me very much of some of the buildings I visited when Mad Pea first opened and may indeed be a little part of history. While I have those original blog photos somewhere among my posts, the search feature no longer works well with 2,500 entries; so no back in time link. I would have liked that. Follow the hunt tracks and get the clue and you will likely find this prize fairly easily. I had to look up the hint in Google, but it was clear enough.

I really love this set of horns from Demotik. The demon eyes with glow are part of the same prize pack.  My outfit is from LNL which has redesigned since my last visit. My history of finding things there isn't great so I was happy with my reward.

This is the MadPea Circus church from the exterior. It is 128 prims and is built to sit on uneven hilly ground. There are stairs on the other side.

Poses by: Juxtapose and Nigotine

I put two props together to make this backdrop. The Mandrake tree is from Trident and comes complete with a basket giver and harvesting animation. The rocks, ruins and crystals are part of a set from The Elegant Goth.

Some landmarks may not take you to the hunt location, but find the hunt poster and get your hint and you are on your supernatural way.