Do You Remember - The Towel

Currently in Accessories > Misc accessories (a BIG folder), this wearable towel brought back a lot of memories. Momo discovered it in a Japanese sim as I remember. I went searching and found it in the freebie area and wore it in one of my fifteen minutes of fame in Sexy Second Magazine (one of the first SL online mags) with this photo. That was almost four years ago!  I do love The Blog for its historical value. The hair I was wearing  back then was from Magika; I sat for an hour or so in one of the VERY hard to score a spot camp chairs. The good old days!

Going along with that little girl look, we have one of my favorite old hairs, KOSH- FANNY FROM THE TREE. A few of you may remember when there were weekly dollarbies at Kosh and Concrete flowers. I still have quite a few things from then, that says a lot.

Photo taken at The Loft.

Pose by: adplayin Fayray, part of the towel set

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    # by Dani - March 20, 2012 at 9:30 PM

    Fun to look back to memory lane, yet surprised as well. Only your parents would present them such photos, to your love partner. Just to see thier child blush , next to thier lover :P


    Danino Giordano

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    # by Nissa Nightfire - March 24, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    One of my early memories is snagging a spot in a Magika in a camp chair, settling in for the long haul when Sabina decided to change out the chairs, and gave me the prize I was camping for. Those were indeed the days! :)