Now if the typist was really a guy, she would have known that MWFW 2012 on the folder from PXDTOXIC meant "Menswear Fashion Week".  Guy clothes are typically not on my radar although I admit that I often wear them. Info is a bit sketchy Goggle-wise, but thanks to Bouncer, I now know that the event starts March 23rd and that the official website is here.
I am definitely not a military buff by any means, but I was very impressed with the quality and detail of these accessories. And I DO love belts with lots of "stuff". The new belts come in "basic" and "full" versions. Basic has a gun. Now there is a small caveat here, while the belts are mod, simple downsizing isn't an option. Normal and large sized guys (or hippy gals) are the audience. Other items, such as the impressive headset, size down well and easily. Actually Chav couldn't ask for a better fit.

What's a combat outfit without great boots?  The textures on these are amazing. There are even small scuffs in the leather.

Click that photo for a close up look.

While these and other new releases aren't available quite yet, you can find similar merchandise at the PXDTOXIC shop.
 Poses by: Diesel Works