Moolto Hunt - March 2012

I went out hunting on the Moolto Hunt yesterday afternoon. It is a short hunt where you need to be a group member and also wear some outlandish glasses. Happily you can attach said spectacles to your screen instead of yourself and that works just fine. There is a list of shops with hints at the URL above. Some hints are helpful, others not. Many of the stores are full sims and since I am not a patient hunter I eventually gave up on some. There are plenty of good prizes in this hunt and I will show you my favorites. My biggest negative is that some shops were giving away old hunt gifts. I know this as I had some of them already *wink* and some were marked as 2011 gifts. Hmmmm.

Anyway ---- the winners in my book are, in no particular order ---

monaLISA's super cute lingerie set with nylons (above). The front is just as fun and the detailing is exceptional. You WILL need to wear boots with this as the nylons have no feet and cut at a fairly high level. Still, I am betting most of you have tall black or white boots.

This very cute jogging outfit hales from GIZZA where there is a similar one for guys. The suit comes with great workout gloves. Track shoes are included but do not resize down enough for gals. I added some A-Bomb deck shoes (color change) and have a great set.

Now this isn't my style really, but it was just too lovely to leave out. The  Milli Petite - Black Cherry Liqueur Dress is from *Evie's Closet*. I love the color! And I also wanted to show you the new group gift hair out today from Exile. It is MESH and doesn't fall through your shoulders. What a thrill! This is my first mesh hair and I can see why it is so popular.

This casual look is a mix from three shops. The cropped "Sinner" tee is from {.essences.}, the hat with hair from HairARt and the beaded and buckled cuffs from Essential Soul.

The cuffs are texture change and you can choose your leather and trinket hues.

There is a long version of gal hair in the prize box from HairArt.

A variety of dances can be found on this hunt too as well as some super nice brown shoes (guys and gals - different styles) from Opium. I hope to show you those with a matching outfit in the future.

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