STEAM 6 - Part 2

I am happy to report that so far (and I am up in the 40s) STEAM6 appears to be bettering its predecessors. Hints, hunt paths and gifts have all been in evidence. None of those sneaky in wall items have shown themselves and the prizes are spectacular. My personal favorite so far is this Captain Nemo organ from Cedar Bay Home Furnishings #033.

The animations are extremely well done, the textures very pretty. You can play the organ or perch and listen. The mirror has a spooky option with photos appearing in the glass. The music plays well -- at least up in the clouds and is dependent on the closeness of your camera so you won't disrupt the neighbors. The organ comes with info panels that show you where to click for what; you simply delete them after you have figured it out.

My outfit including hat is from Snowpaws #046. The collar with delicate gears and tentacles from Snow Bound #023. There are three versions in the pack; one with no scripts and two with RLV.

There are plenty of vehicles in the hunt. This mini airship from Bondar~Foehammer Aerosteam Co. #019 is really fun. It comes with Tesla tech, smoke, animated textures -- and it is simple to fly.

When you find your vehicles, you can rez them in Babbage, historically a very friendly to visitors place. Have fun touring.

The theme of this season's hunt is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, hence Victorian and nautical. This is one of the lovely abodes included in the hunt. It is designed for underwater living and includes a hatch to go outdoors. Mermaids of course can visit. My new today boots are from Pop Tart & Urban Assault #03 and go very nicely with the outfit I showed you last eve (see previous post). See the air ship close up for a side view.

A little late, I discovered a graphic of this build on the hunt blog. So, my air tanks (on the roof) are apparently in the wrong spot. They should be in the sand. But hey, this works too. The air tanks and ramp are separate and there is a version without the heavy balls to keep the building from floating. You could easily use this on land if so inclined. The textures are particularly lovely.

There are plenty of other great prizes in this hunt so don't miss a stop. I have some favorites that needed "mates" to make a cohesive photo. Hopefully coordinating items will show up along the hunt trail. And there IS a list of shops in the notices of the group. I only needed to use it once, but it is handy to have. See the previous post for more info.

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    # by JoseDiego Silverspar - March 3, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    Glad you liked the boots! - JD Silverspar owner/creator Pop Tart & Urban Assault