Whose That Girl?

It is I, but certainly not as you normally see me. Three new releases have me in modern Gothic mode. What fun!

First up a new version of Lisa from Akeruka. With lots of vampy makeups to choose from, this was my personal favorite (MK1) which features dark eye shadows and pale lips. There is a matching never sees the light of day Damien skin for the guys. Should you be into role play or simply like to hang out in coffins, head over there.

Along with new vamp skin, I am wearing a great new hair from Alli&Ali called Wilma. This is one of my favorite recent releases from that shop and you can try it out for free in a pretty caramel color on the Marketplace.

Now let's talk poses.  I love poses; they set the stage and make the mood. And, even though I am deleting many hundreds thousands in my merciless inventory cleaning, new ones are arriving. Yeah! The poses shown here are from EPIPHANY, a new shop as far as I know.  I have several boxes to unpack, but last night I went for the set of umbrella poses. The poses in this set come in two ways, some are for an AO and move from one pose into another, very smoothly. Others are static poses. I dug out the umbrella that I gave away at "On Thin Ice" and enjoyed trying on the various versions. You could easily use these animations for other themes besides rainy day scenes.  There are also some very nice walks with umbrellas. They would work fine empty handed.

Some of you may remember that I made poses and animations for awhile. That experience taught me how very difficult it is to make smooth animations that appear lifelike. These are up towards the top of the mountain quality wise, so if you are looking for something special, zip on over to the shop and try some out. The packs are sold as limited editions, for now anyway. Personally, I don't care if forty or four hundred or four thousand people have what I have as long as I like it *wink*. But some of you do care, so if being elite works for you -- this is your store. I am planning on slipping the animations into an AO to keep that inventory down *wink*.

There are some group gift items at the shop too.

Outfit by Vextra Fashion (not new).