In the Mines

A friend of mine who has happily returned to the SL fold thanks to Linden Realms (have to smile here) has a 2009 wardrobe at best. From time to time I send him emails to tell him he really needs to get this gift, prize, midnight board item etc., but for the most part his virtual closet is WAY past its prime.

He asked me to be on the lookout for some good quality (and free) jeans. Amazingly when you are looking for something it seems harder to find. Isn't that the way. Well happily I now have a set for him. Not only are the jeans very nice with great texturing and optional prim bottoms, they come with an equally nice shirt.

Since I didn't want to recommend something I hadn't tried on -- well, you know where the story is going -- blog post. The anniversary gift from Rispetto Designs, Operaio Outfit in blue, fills the bill and downsizes beautifully for gals that like the rugged look. Ladies that like the formal look should check in the women's department next door.

Anyone who has followed this blog for a long while knows how I love belts with lots of "stuff". This [BUKKA] Buttle belt ver2.3(woman) is happily in the archives of the subscribo. You also get a very nice over the shoulder satchel. Just check the archive history and reap the goodies.

Since I am not a fan of war or war games, I headed over to the mines which seemed like an appropriate place for dynamite et al.

Poses by: LAP