STEAM 6 - Part 3

Steam6 like previous versions of the hunt covers all facets of Steampunk life. Housewares, homes, vehicles and textures (even sculpts) are in evidence. For the fashion feeds and even for the guys, here is a fun outfit for gentlemen from Rag Dollz #082. The store has been SO redesigned that I thought I was in a completely new one. There is a super cute outfit for gals on the mini-mania board so don't miss out on that while you are visiting. This Admirer outfit comes with coattails and two versions of pants.

The very nicely made Sir Watsoon reading closet is from Nana Saenz #081. Use it in your home or as a photo prop. Either way it is great fun. The chair comes with a very funny animation that has you on the floor at the end. There is a broken spring in the chair back, you see. You could easily add a pose ball for more sedate photography. 

I picked out this guy prize so that I could finally wear these great boots from A&S Visions #015. These come in male size but can easily adapt for the ladies; resizer included.

With lots of details and beautiful texturing, they are indeed a winner for me. 

The socks are built in.

Another fun accessory in this outfit are the glasses from AIDORU  #083. These fit on the nose with no side supports and are definitely different than my other glasses. Very steamy!

There is also a necklace in the prize pack

Continuing on with the STEAM6 tour we find a cute overall set from + eX + STEAM #050 (ezura) and a finally detailed pirate's hat from ~Casuka~ #053. And if you need a place to lounge around while wearing this, I give you ---

The Architeuthis  Mechanica from Urban Forge Virtuatecture #063. This is HUGE!!!!!  Happily I read the notecard saying "do not rez inside your house" :D. I took it out to the sandbox and it made my 40 x 40 meter building pad look very tiny. So you need space for this, but it is very impressive! Shiny and sleek, it is definitely not your average abode. I am standing inside the round pod area in the photo above this one.

Poses by: LAP, Torrid Midnight, Vista Animations

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    # by nana saenz - March 2, 2012 at 1:58 PM

    hello ,so glad you loved it, and nice pic !

    nana Saenz

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    # by Anonymous - March 4, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    I'm really glad I went back and dropped that "DO NOT REZ THIS IN YOUR HOUSE" notecard in that box...

    I'd actually forgotten to do it for a few hours, and went "you know someone it's gonna rez this indoors and freak out..." So I went back and put the note in. Glad you liked it!

    Urban Forge Virtuatecture