Today's post  is brought to you by the letter "T". And "T" stands for table and that rhymes with able and ----   Well anyway. Two new items arrived in my inbox this morning. One a hat, one a dining set. How do these two diverse releases meet? Well #1 they both feature tables and chairs and #2 the wrought irons echo each other. Pretty neat if you feel like posting *wink*.

The hat hales from AD Creations and is the prize on the Fashioncentric 5 Hunt. With the new month starting, hunts will be underway again soon. This is the last day for many great gathering adventures, so if you were lazy -- get out there and find those prize vendors!

This very cute Likable Things dining set from Cheeky Pea adjusts to your prim budget.  Chairs are an amazing three prims, table is two. Shadows are included but can be unlinked (yeah). Part of the Stumblebum April Mood theme which starts tomorrow, the seat features nine different prints all in the color palette for the event. The items on the table can be rezzed one at a time or in a group as shown. They DO count against your prim allotment so can be used on estate land that ban temp rezzers.

The full set comes with lots and lots of different animations and prop givers (phone, tea cup etc.). The stand alone chair has different sits, so be sure and check out both models to see what works best for you.

You can purchase just the table, just the chair or as a set which includes a very cute nine prim lighting fixture. Lots of options. Plenty of decorating fun. 

Here is the list of the Stumblebum participants for April 1- 15:  April: 1-14

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