Do You Remember - The Money Bag

The Money Bag from Little Heaven was a fun find in my Accessories folder. It wasn't stored in backpacks where it should have been :D. Things will be much neater when I am finished about mid-summer *wink*. Onward to Animations which has got to be in the thousands. My plan is to cull a lot and save only my favorites. There will be MANY favorites of course, but still, who needs more than 500 poses?

And here's the story on the money bag. Gogo found this at Little Heaven and blogged about it. Lust was in my heart. I had to have one too. So I zipped over to the shop and found the camper. Back then (March 2008) product camping was a big thing. You sat and reaped the rewards of a product of your choice. In this case the camping prop was a noose. Yes, really. I don't remember the time frame, but let's call it half an hour of hanging in a noose on a gallows. I really must have wanted the backpack.

It dispenses money as you walk along. The money is timed of course and disappears. This was just at the beginning of sculpties and the pack is actually made from prims. It would fall short by today's standards, but four years ago? Wow.   My search no longer brings up a Little Heaven store, but if it is gone, it had a good long run.

My hair was my trademark style for about a year. Carolina Jasmine Dark Frost from Calla where I spent many many happy hours camping for hairs and playing trivia for real lindens. The top prize, if you had the correct answer was $50. Much fun.

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    # by Mildread Gloom - March 28, 2012 at 3:01 AM

    yeah, Little Heaven closed at the end of last yr/ beginning of this yr :/