Steam 6 Hunt Wrap Up

While there are still plenty of items in my inventory that I have not shown you for the hunt, this is going to be the wrap up post. Time to move onto other styles -- no matter how much "I" enjoy Steampunk. Up first is this aquamarine necklace and earrings from Bedizen #128. Very pretty and just my style, it is one of two types in the pack. There is a version for guys also.

Park Place Home Decor #098 never seems to disappoint. This pretty gold and walnut set comes with the aqua accents shown. This is a no copy item so you might want to pick up a backup while you remember where that gear is :D.

If you missed any of the earlier Steam Hunt here are the links.

Click any of the following thumbnails for larger photos.

So many of the items in this hunt are finely detailed. Here you see the back (insides) of a Steam Clock from Designs by Sebastian #076.

So intricate. The face is just as lovely.

From tiny delicate jewelry to large builds, this year's hunt has it all.

The L'Ile Misterieuse Lighthouse from Arkigrafx #110 is only 44 prims with a 50 X 60 footprint. It comes on its own rock, ready to rez on a water sim.

How fun!

And last up for this season anyway is a table that I really love. It may be the colors, the pattern or the mysterious glow of the orbs. Whatever the lure, I hope to be able to use it sometime soon.

Find the Spyralle Orrery Table at Spyralle Fractal Art-Wearables-Decor #052

Note that it coordinates with the settee above. The shops are in the same sim too. Nice planning!