Steam 6 - Part 5

And it just keeps getting better *wink*.   Guys and adventurous gals can pick up their very own detailed Uboat from Mad Pea  #121. The skybox isn't all that big, but you will need at least 369 prims to rez it. Pose balls are included here and there (tastefully and non-linked I believe).

There are two sections to the Uboat. Quarters are reached via the hatch in the background -- cute animations provided. There are realistic sounds and some very nice texturing. This is really pretty special.

My unisex outfit hales from stop #119, Unzipped. The Steampunk Engineer captain is sized for guys but resizes fine for smaller (and female) avatars. I especially like the hat. It works perfectly with the boots I featured earlier. Update:  While I didn't realize it, there is also a version of this outfit for GALS with a skirt and more feminine lines. So pick of both if you are of the female persuasion.

And wouldn't you know, after I finished those photos above I opened a prize that works perfectly with the outfit. It is from Orquidea #125.

Now I admit to being in hunt mode when I am on the search; my focus is narrow. The notes given out in the hunt group tell hunters what other gifts, prizes, lucky boards etc are around.  So return trips are called for.

[ContraptioN] 's #091 *ocean* Maritime Division Uniform Sweater works well for both guys and gals. It comes with a spiffy armband and cap. A jacket is included too.  This bathing hut from Pestique #103 is small and only 15 prims. It uses detailed textures (more modern than steam) on the inside walls to give ambiance and would work well at many seaside locations.

The Steampunk Motorcycle - L+N Signature Designs #107 comes with driving hud and includes tricks and of course sounds and particle smoke. Male and female sizes are included in the pack.


A word of warning about this hunt. There are a fair amount of "mini hunts" within the hunt. That is hunts where you pick up a collection of gifts or sometimes clues (sometimes clues and gifts) at one location. This is well and good, but you may need a way to move onward if you get stuck. So, again, there is a list of stops with URLS to all the places as well as an update on any not working (still a few as I type this) in the hunters group. You want to go to the starting point and join the hunt group to get that list -- even if you leave right after. That will be the only way you can move on in some cases. I am adding this warning after listening to comments from the hunt group. I skipped several of those mini hunts :D. 

Poses by: props, Vista Animations, aDORKable