Steam 6 - Part 6

Now while it is absolutely correct that this outfit is NOT part of the STEAM hunt, this post is very much about the hunt. Actually it is about just one stop along the hunt trail, perhaps the most interesting for many folks who love color and motion and fantasy, The Epic Toy Factory #054. But before we get to all that, be sure and feast your eyes on this just out today outfit from EMO-tions.

When I opened up the bonus gifts (yes really, bonus gifts) from stop 54,  I knew this was the outfit for the shoot. The role play attire comes complete with a spectacular cloak, a hint showing in the top photo. The very long and very full hair (sure to be a staple in my hair wardrobe) is also new. The outfit is Nebula, the hair Ruby.

And now here's the story on The Epic Toy Factory, the hunt gift and the trail TO the hunt gift. It is complex and while I am not a big fan of mini hunts, this one was a true adventure with some outstanding gifts for your effort.

Be SURE and find the hint gear at the poster out front of the shop. You will get a long explanatory notecard with hints on how to find the first of the "bonus gifts". You pick up sea shells (five in all) along the way to the actual prize. Nope, we haven't even come to the real prize yet. The bonus prizes are shown above. There is a statue with fire (actually bronze that turned blue in my Windlight setting, a set of ice pillars with mini dragons and those great pod things that I really love. The lovely necklace in the top shot is prize number five. You will find it VERY close to the final gift.

You will have help following along the adventure trail -- at least after you are on to part two. Statue characters talk to you in chat and give you hints to the location of the following prize. It is a bit like a scavenger hunt with at least one part adventure game thrown in. My advice is to set aside some time for JUST this spot. It isn't a fast grab and if you are in a hurry to get to the next stop you will miss the experience.

There is also a skull cane with nice pose that worked well with my AO.
Standing on the deck of the actual hunt prize, you find me in the gal's version of the captain's uniform blogged earlier today. Find it right next to the male version. While I prefer those pants, I suspect most of the ladies will love the little skirt and cute rumpled stockings. The place? Stop #119, Unzipped.

And here is the prize shown atop a 64 meter pad in the sky. The air ship comes in a rez box. You can even rez JUST the (very impressive) staircase if you have no need for a ship. It is beautifully made and would look spectacular on some of the Steamland sims.  Beware, this doesn't have a DEREZ built into the rez box, so you will need to delete the pieces after you are done looking. Now fixed. Best to rez on a sandbox on in a place you plan to live. You can also see this at the shop -- with some extra furnishings and atop some giant books. Much fun.

Any of you bloggers reading this, you know how tired I am after three days of hunting and posting, so it is definitely R and R time !!!

But, no, we are not done with STEAM 6 yet. This has been a spectacular hunt!

Poses by: aDORKable and Juxtapose

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    # by La Toymaker -Mayah Parx - March 4, 2012 at 5:59 PM

    The toymaker here, I firstly would like to thank you for a wonderful writeup on epic, I really appreciate it.
    Second ...palms it..I have fixed the razzes so now they will clean. Thank you of bringing that to my attention.

    So if anyone wants razzes that will clean up :-) they are now in gear at epic :-) exactly where you found the originals :-)

    May the winds of sl carry you far and place you down gently.