Milestones - 500,000

I have been feeling a little nostalgic today. Lots of small event supported that frame of mind. One was a post by a fellow fashion blogger about reaching 50,000 views. Congrats to them; we seem to measure our successes and our lives by milestones. That got me to wondering and I looked up my statistics, did a little math and found that I had well over half a million page views. Multiply that by three for the number of posts per page and that is one and a half million blog post views -- not counting the feeds or readers. I really didn't expect that.

And tonight I am here at what I still think of as the Relay For Life fashion venue - now Fashion for Life, an event I have covered four times in my fashionista career.   The designers have made some beautiful new items for the occasion. So be sure and stop by. Shown here is a really striking mini from EMO-tions, the Hera dress. It comes with a long skirt also. The hair I am wearing is one of EMO-tion's new Domenica styles which include hairbase and VERY  VERY long high ponytail. I like it!

It is another transition time for me. I will be leaving LEA12 in a few days as our endowments are up. The future is uncertain for the moment, but that's really OK. There are always adventures and new paths to choose from. I have been visiting the other LEA sims and doing some filming while I have the chance. Soon they will be gone and all we will have are our memories and photos.

I have been blogging for four years now. This is an anniversary of sorts. So here's to all the new kids on the block -- may they be sixteen or sixty or eighty-three :D. We have so much to celebrate in our virtual world. May it nourish us and spur us on to be the best that we can be.

Poses by: Juxtapose