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Do You Remember - A Project

Inventory control. We all hate it. Mine is getting out of hand with filming and art stuff as well as old shop inventory, Marketplace stuff -- and of course CLOTHES and such. Biting the bullet I have started going through the folders. It will take awhile but life will be easier when it is done.

As I was wandering though my Accessories > backpacks folder I found this antique. That got me to thinking. So as a reward to myself for tackling that inventory I am going to take a walk down Memory Lane. You oldsters can remember before sculpts, when textures were most often 256 x 256 and sometimes 16 x 16 -- those good old, bad old days. I'll be posting my reminiscences and if anyone would like to join in the project (Nissa are you still reading?) feel free to link your post or Flickr photo to this post or any of the future ones. There will be a category on the side called "Do You Remember". And if any of you still have these goodies, that would be fun to know too.

First up: TheZoo Adventurer Backpack (March 15, 2008)

Remember The Zoo? Sculpties were very new then and the server took forever to load the streetlamps there. Animals were in evidence and boutique stores lined the center park-like zoo  area. Tuli had her store there for a long while. This backpack was a free item. It took me many trips to find and it wasn't a hunt. I can't remember the details, but I was SO thrilled when I finally found the giveaway vendor.

Honorable mention: Kissy Kissy hair from Tiny Bird (Sept 5, 2009). This was a give away on the second PooP Hunt, after LAP had moved to its own sim sharing with Tiny Bird and housing many smaller shops. We were looking for piles of poop and toilet paper roles. Lots of great gifts, I wore this hair for a very long time, mostly in silver.

Pose by: LAP, "Break It Down"  I don't remember the story behind this pose but I have had it since Sept 1, 2009.


SpaceCase said…
I remember that backpack from the zoo and the poop hunt. I probably still have the bucket and the t-shirt. lol :)
Nissa Nightfire said…
ha! a few days late ... but I'm still here! And how did you know I was just getting ready to start another round of inventory maintenance!! I don't remember that backpack (but I'll have to look, 'cause who knows??) but I spent much time wandering the streets of the Zoo ... so fun to remember :)

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