Change of Pace

Still steamy but definitely not Victorian, I give you two new releases.

Tatiana (reds) by  Tameless Hair. A hud lets you choose between a few shades of each major hair group and add streaks if you like.

Alexandre's - Roses Black with flexi bell-bottomed pants and flowered accent.

I wanted my return from the Steamlands post to be striking and this certainly is. But, wouldn'tcha-know, the steam hunt worked it way in just a bit. This photographer's umbrella light is actually the prize from GUHL (adult but payment info on file is OK). I just didn't see how it had much to do with steampunk and so left it out of previous posts. I DO think that many of you might like this for a prop. So you know the drill. Go find the gear and grab the photography equipment.

Poses by: Helamiyo - Geometry