Do You Remember - Hand Prints

This is really a post about a newly released home from Barnesworth Anubis, the Tableau Hut. It is one of two 2007 designs that have been completely rebuilt and brought into the present. With more efficient construction they are a fraction of the original prim counts and contain stunning details. I wasn't around in 2007 (well OK, most a day but that hardly counts). So while I cannot remember the original version of this house, I can still appreciate the open air feeling and clean modern lines of the updated version.

Now about those painter hand prints on my behind --- THOSE are my "do you remember" item of the eve. I found them as I was finishing up my Body Parts > Tattoo folder, readying myself to tackle Chav's Stuff in my inventory clean up. I am down to 34,000 from 40,000 and feeling good about my reorganization.

The hand prints were a prize in the 2009 LAP Poop Hunt from a store named *smudge. I loved them then and I love them now.

And here is the long shot. This is my favorite room in the house. Well the circular hall doesn't really count as a room, so yes, my favorite. There is also a large tiled walk-in open shower. So relaxing.

The house is a bit large for a single gal like me. Then again I love small spaces, even in real life. It has two luxurious bedrooms each connected to the bath, so it would be great for housemates.  The home can be purchased with or without furniture.

The center of the house is extremely dramatic with beams and lights. Ceiling fans keep refreshing breezes flowing; window blinds roll up and down for your choice of view or privacy.

Pose by: BehaviorBody