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Bright Accents

We know that if we follow the trends, neutrals are a big part of Fall dressing. Since I have always loved neutrals, I'm on board. Heavens, I'm up there with the engineer :D. Still too much black, gray and taupe can only go so far without a bit of punch if you are working towards fun and casual.

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I found a blogger pack of items in my Objects folder this morning. I don't remember them coming in and if I crashed before accepting them (and I have been crashing a lot of late) then I thank LL and the crew for wisely putting them in my inventory.

Puddles is a fun accessories store, filled with purses and scarves and bangles. Color rules the roost here and you can find many hues of various items all displayed easily for shopping. Shown above is the Camper Bag in hot pink, the Halifax Scarf in stone, and the Gladiator Bangle in purple.

My not so new items include Maitreya's Mirli Sweater Black with purple cami, SySy black pants and Duh! Suede Ankle Boots in grape.

Poses by Striking Poses and LAP.


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