Hunting 101

I've been doing some of the current hunts these last couple of days. I can't help but make a comment or two here as some obvious things are being overlooked by the stores involved. This is not a complaint. I hunt to blog and my only real interest is to give out some kudos to the stores. Most of the items I find get deleted after I feature them, so for me it isn't about the "stuff". Still ------

If people get too frustrated, they simply abandon the hunts. Here are some thoughts:

1.If you have a central TP point with countless stores for your folks to pick from it is MUY IMPORTANTE to have a hunt sign out front of your shop. Making people hunt for the store is beyond fun.

2. Giving out the same (or a previous) hunt gift for several hunts is NOT cool.

3. If you have a very niche market (like piercing for instance) and you are not in a theme hunt, it might be good to put out something a bit more "universally" pleasing for the hunt. Or a couple of things?

4. If you leave a hunt in the first couple days of the hunt, it would be nice to put out a sign to the next spot rather than leaving folks at a loss as to where to go.

5. Hunt organizers: BALANCE is important in a hunt. Unless it is all about one product (ex: poses) then having a huge amount of one type of store is not the best plan.

OK. Venting over. Hopefully I will have some "finds" to show you tomorrow. So far, I'm not doing too well :D.

Have a good eve. I'm having another glass of wine.

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    # by Anonymous - September 6, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    In addition, not placing the hunt object so that you accidentally purchase items behind it and then not returning the lindens when approached about it. That's a bad business move too.