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Fall Trends: Shades of Gray

Some new releases fit right in with the RL Fall Trends I've been exploring. First up is a cute and versatile striped sweater from Amanda's Fashion. The sweater comes in a variety of yummy colors, but I chose the gray. A tank is included for layering under, but I prefer to show off my shoulders to the max. Note how well the stripes match and the shadow on the seam line which gives an extra bit of realism. With lots of layer combos, you can wear this tucked in or left out. Yeah!

Also new from Amanda's is the ED cropped tee in my layering example above. I really like the pattern on this. Muted enough not to take over, but colorful enough to add some zip to an otherwise neutral outfit. I paired with with some lighter gray GULU capris from *ALEIDA* and last year's hot -- and classically great -- Nightwalk jacket from Jeckalicious (still available the last time I was in the store.

The same sweater left long gives a slim look despite those horizontal "no-no" stripes. Who says stripes can't be slimming?

Black jeans from RAWRR (featured yesterday).
Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by LAP.


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