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SOS Hunting!

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Nope, I'm not in trouble. Well I am "stuck", but that is not unusual *wink*. I've been hunting and gathering since last eve. The Subtleties of Summer Hunt is a fun one and I would encourage you to participate. There are lots of girlish clothes and fun young things. So if you are a gal that likes to play, you'll be in heaven. There are also tons of skins. I didn't try any on, but if you are a skin collector or still in search of the perfect you, this will give you an even larger skins folder.

There are some issues of course -- there almost always are.There isn't much for the fellows and there are definitely some bottlenecks, possibly one missing ice cream cone and one that you have to pay for to go forward (don't worry, I'll give ya the next stop further down the page).

Instead of showing you all the things you will most likely be seeing on the feeds, I decided to show you MY personal favorites. So here we go ---

The Twisted Mangled Spring Sculptie Tree growing in the middle of my studio (oh my!) is from The Vendetta Garden. One of the few home and garden items in the hunt, it is small enough for my lot and only 14 prims. It is also copy should you have acreage. One of a few Crush Row participants, you can see the shop as well as the sign and cone from the priority landing point.

My super colorful *PaStRy* SummerBoarding surfboard is a great prop. Not scripted, I chose a pose and modified the hold to fit. It would also look pretty cool leaning against your beach shack should you have one. This is only part of a gift pack.

My legwarmers are part of a prize that includes some great jean shorts. Henusaki Love Creations is the shop from whence they hale, one of many vendors in this hunt from Subtle Creek -- hence the hunt's name.

My bright Sunny Lemon Ankle Boots are from Duh!. I blogged the hot pink pair yesterday (just scroll down) and I already owned these in yellow. But if you don't, be sure and stop by. You can't really miss the ice cream cone.

One of my personal favorites of this hunt are the great black jeans from RAWR Revolution. Only part of a gift pack, the jeans come in both layers with cuffs for either layer. The shop is part of the Subtle Creek locale. Obviously the nicely detailed pants work great for guys too.

This Random Mini from Joy Love includes lots of bright colors for mix and matching. I used my cami (free but not in this hunt) and tinted it to a dark lime green. My Peel Me a Grape necklace and earrings come from Ticky Tacky as part of the SOS. Also on my list of favorites for this hunt is a huge set of single bangles in tons of prints. They are the gift from :: Exodi :: .

There may be more favorites in my future when I get to finish the hunt. Go forth and have fun.

The dollarbie hunt prize is from HighFi (#12). If you choose not to buy the white tee prize, the next stop on the train is Fab Pony. I got stumped there last night or I was simply too tired. I haven't been able to find a website for the hunt, so if you get stuck, I suggest going back to a Subtle Creek store and do the rounds there. That will give you some more tracks to move forward with.



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