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Let's Dance

::Freedo.0m:: -- want a little? Sure you do. Freedom to be yourself, freedom to let go, freedom to DANCE! From casual to dressy, ::Freedo.0m:: offers you lots of choices as well as a huge collection of Midnight Mania boards.

Want something new to wear clubbing? This Eden Dress comes with a great cropped jacket. I'm guessing you wont want to take it off even when dancing. The slinky satin of the dress mixes with the soft matte of the topper. And the belt pulls it all together. So cute!

click for larger photo

The Broke dress is fun with a three layered sculpty skirt and puffy sleeves. There is plenty of cleavage to show off your favorite necklaces. Add your favorite dancing shoes and you are ready for an evening of excitement.

There are casual and sport sets at ::Freedo.0m:: too as well as clothes for the guys, so TP on over and take a look around. Then go forth and dance the night away.

Pose by LAP and Vain.


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