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Pretty Sparkly Things

Lots going on in the jewelry world this week, the fair being the biggest news. It is wonderful to see the new releases and to revisit some old favorites. I even realized that I had some of the items featured at the fair and hadn't worn them in awhile. Oh my! It's good to be reminded of those familiar gem and metal friends, but even better to find new ones.

Primagine has new releases out at the fair and this is my favorite set. Click the picture for a larger view so that you can see the great earrings :D. The new releases, including this one in a variety of colors, are available at the fair (Primagine booth here) or you can patiently wait until next week and find them at the shop :D. There is a bangle and bead bracelet to coordinate in a mix and match way -- always a nice option.

Diamonds on Me top by Musashi-Do. Hair by Tiny Bird. Pose by [flowery].

There are some fun free items at the fair too. I'm guessing you knew that already. One of my favorites is from Aluinn. Both right and left bangles are included. There is a set in Halloween colors also, but I refuse to "do" Halloween until October 1 *wink*.

Unfortunately many of the gifts at the fair came sans LM or with LM other than jewelry stores. So, just know there are fun things to pick up -- some for guys too.

My new release top is just a teaser (oh I am so bad). It is from The Plastik. Trust me, you want to see more. The new Astrid top comes in a variety of colors and ways to wear. There is plenty of skin real estate so tattoos could easily be a fashion accessory. I'll be showing you more in an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

Pose by LAP.

And last but certainly not least, as they say -- this lipstick necklace. Five choices of lipstick color to coordinate with either lips or outfit makes this really fun. Love it! This too is from Primagine. Sweater by !Ohmai. Corset top by hO wEAr.

Pose by LAP.

Pretty, pretty.


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