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That Resize Question : Follow Up

Lots of designers seem to be thinking about the resizer question I talked about in this morning's post. There is most likely no right or wrong answer, but questioning what works best for you and your customers is a good plan.

Some designers have decided to go back to the old ways, and Sugarcube has even gone to the trouble of making a complex survey with gift for participants. As a former web page designer I can tell you this was no small undertaking. So many, many gold stars for the idea and for carrying through. While the announcement went out to the subscriber group, I'm guessing she would like as much input as possible. You can find the survey here.

After you finish the survey you are taken to a new page where you put in your avatar name and receive a key number to redeem your free dress. You then TP to the store and pick up your thank you gift. You are automatically added to the Sugarcube announcement list, just so you know.

Whether you want a reward or simply want to be heard, completing the survey takes just a few minutes. One of the questions on the survey concerned the deletion of resize scripts after sizing. Extra brownie points in my book for asking that question. I admit, I never do. That may change if we actually get a script use ceiling or whatever that idea is technically called.

For me, personally, the choice would be resize scripted. I like the ease. But at times we also need to be able to modify individual prims for placement. I like manual for those instances. Some designers have made their skirt prims (my biggest personal problem) both click resize and manually editable. This is perfect for me. If the question of resizing concerns a 100 prim shoe with chains and eyelets and such, give me a resizer any day. It depends as much on the product as the customer base.

Sugarcube's survey also showed two forms of resize script huds. The more complex one did everything necessary including movement of individual prims, but would I go to all that work? On a good day and if I really loved the outfit, maybe. Other times -- most times -- "no". It looked DAUNTING. Still as marketers as well as content creators, each designer needs to judge their audience. I suspect I am at the upper end of the prim adjusting spectrum. The new kids in world would likely have their eyes a twirling over the more complex resize HUDS.

So that's the rest of the story from my point of view.

/me claps loudly for all the designers who are thinking about this.


Sayuri Cremorne said…
Thank you so much for your post:D

I m going to keep my item modify OK!

I considered using a resizing script as whether it will stop.
but I surprised, lots of people like it.
then I decided to use it.

I realized,It is important to hear much opinion..

If there is an opportunity for me to conduct a questionnaire survey again, I hope I can make a better system.

Thank you so much again :-D

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