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Jewelry Fair Preview

The 2009 jewelry fair is now open. There is truly something for everyone; all styles; all prices. Bid boxes, dunk tanks, and a labyrinth which eventually takes you back to your starting point. Four seasons with four obvious textures on the tall walls remind you where you are. Getting lost shouldn't be a problem. Designer shops vary in size from carts to largish venues. Most stores are open to the sky and front for easy perusing. I flew through the seasons stopping now and then to make landmarks for you.

The top photo is from Mandala where there are some lovely items for men and women. I gave the photo many many points for both artistic merit and marketing; hence it is my lead photo. Not quite everyone is ready and most of you are asleep (and I should be *wink*). I can see the green dots starting to appear though, so remember your low ARC bandanna and simple clothes.

Not everything is jewelry at the fair; there are a few accessories. This is the Digit Darkes display. The booth was so dramatic and eye catching, I just had to take a photo for you. The products inside the booth are extremely nice too of course.

This is the complete booth. It pretty much blew me away. Most shops are fairly simple so the contrast makes it even more of a surprise. Below are some of the items available at the fair. I tried to find designers new to me, ones that don't appear on the feeds often or at all. These are my taste and certainly do not reflect the wide breath of styles at the fair.

Some of my favorite designers are at the fair. They are only missing from the photos below because you already KNOW about them *wink*. Each photo should take you to that booth at the fair. That is my plan, but it is very late for me, so if you end up somewhere unplanned, please accept my apologies.

Enjoy the fair!


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