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More Steam

After donning today's gift (free until 8 pm) from hO wEAr who now has their own sim, I went out to the sandbox to open my STEAM hunt goodies. While the outfit it called Rose Goth, it is more fitting for my fantasy finds than jeans :D.

The Mini Melanosetus steampunk ship from !!! L+N Signature Design !!! acts as a pet. There are two versions and I am wearing both. At one time I had four pets -- Oh my! -- but I was not able to recreate that without further experiment. I may just have been SL(R) doing its wonkie thing :D.

From the notecard:

Our miniature model of our first Steam Punk ship - Melanocetus. It will follow you where ever you go like a pet. Mini ship include following features:
Open and close bay door and front windshield. Also ship has weapon, shoots ion spear projectiles witch explode on impact. Gift includes optional wearable ship to use in areas where you can't rez objects.

Pose by Brutus Martinek of Pididdle.

click for larger photo

So many wonderful shops to discover! These intricate Clock Hands earrings in Rust/Smoke are from * Amaranthus * . And yes, they do keep SL time, which handily is my personal RL time also.

Gold, copper, silver and onyx combine in this lovely broach gift from ~*Star Kindler Designs*~. Two choices are included, one for the left breast and one for the right. There are some outstanding items to peruse at SKD as with all the stores featured here. So take your time while looking for those rotating gears.

The dramatic hair with mask (all in one) is from ::::IrEn::::. With a great new creatively designed build to explore, it was fun finding this. The gear isn't all that far away from the entrance, so don't explore too far afield unless you are shopping. And shopping is good too.

Revisiting the hO wEAr gift of today, I wanted you to see the pants version of this; my favorite. The tattoo is included in the set and a miniskirt comes in the pack also. Pose by Laynie Link.

That's the news. Tomorrow morning is a mandatory Objects folder clean up. I see some review items that appeared without my notice (tisk) and many dozens of other things that need looking into. I will return to the STEAM hunt as soon as I get caught up as I love the adventure.


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