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More STEAM Please

More posts from the STEAM Hunt. I have so much to show you it will take a few. Don't want to hurry. Don't want to rush *wink*. First up is this fan-tas-tic lounge and swing area. The Julia C. Steampunk Swing is from the Julia Collection towards the end of the hunt. I've been waiting to rez it for awhile mistakenly thinking it needed a tree. Oh my, was I wrong!

click for larger photos

There are places to perch with choices of poses, a fully animated reading spot with book giving book, champagne and more. If you have a garden, a forest or any outdoor area you want to call your own, this is a great prize. Find the spinning gear at the Julia Collection and take this home with you.

My outfit is a mix of both guys and gals prizes from Color Me Chaos -- always a fun shop to visit. The suit comes with a bottom tail section and also a low cut blouse for the gals. The Engineer set includes some great pants that can easily merge into mainstream fashion, so even if you aren't a steamy gal, you might want these :D.

My fun flying balloon with lovely autumn textures and gear bottom is a product of Alice Went Neko. According to the instructions anyone can ride the balloon and it returns after being left alone. I didn't test this, so you might want to pick up an extra, just in case. It is also a very pretty prop. Floating text which I avoid at all costs is part of the package, BUT the balloon is mod so you can delete the text if you so choose. Yeah!

And then there is my super cool new monocle. It comes with a HUD that let's you change all sorts of qualities like glow and shine and opacity. Very easy to use and with stunning details, it is simply a must have. This comes from E&D ENGINEERING which has some great textures to cycle through as part of their product line.

Last up for this long post is the *Oblonski* Portabench which is simply amazing. Also from the end of the hunt, this bench starts out as a suitcase. The suitcase itself is a great prop, but click it and it unpacks a bench with poses. I usually needed to click it twice to get it to completely unpack. When it does the suitcase moves to fit under the bench. So very clever, and clever is part of Steampunk. Most likely why I enjoy it all so.

Many thanks to all the great designers here for making out world a bit more mechanically magical.

Shoes by DUH!


Ona said…
Thanks for featuring the outfits from Color Me Chaos. ^_^

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