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On the Range

There's a new tattoo in town -- and it's free. Beanie discovered it. I stalked the lucky board and a lot of my friends reaped the rewards while I waited for a "C" to appear. It never did, but a wildcard materialized and that works too. The mystical design is called legend and it is lovely.

click for larger photos

The tattoo works well on sunkissed as well a pale skins. Dark beauties need not stand in line, alas. The light grays are not complimentary.

Find the tattoo named "legend" at Club Legend. It is around the side of the building on the outside wall. The board is currently in random mode with times from 10 to 1 minute. And if a 1 minute comes up, slap it quick as it is actually about 15 seconds. It is quiet there, but well worth a watch if you are a tattoo lover.

Gals jeans by *Urbanity*.
Guy jeans by WoE.
Prop by Pffiou! Poses by LAP.

PS. If you are into tattoos, there is a great post with lovely photos at Virtual Neko AND a listing of lots of tattoo shops. A long process to do, I am sure.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the links to my blog and my (yes it took a LOTTA work, lol) list of Second Life Tattoo Stores. Much appreciated!!! ^_^

Stacia Villota / Virtual Neko

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