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Elemental Arts

Two sims; one theme. In a pastoral English countryside, on the edge of time, the elements converge and earth magic reigns.

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Wander down well-rutted dirt roads, stand amidst ancient stones, hold watch for the sun with patient sheep -- remember your ancient roots.

Thatched roof cottages welcome you with arbors and wildflowers, but the rolling hills and open sky beckon with a siren's song you cannot ignore.

The elements are close at hand here. Rain plummets the coastal hills and lightening strikes between heartbeats. The earth will not be denied.

We cannot rule the elements, but we can be their willing mistress -- walking the hills in quiet earthsong. Remembering.

Visit Alchemy Immortalis and its neighbor Empress and Hierophant >>

Style Notes:
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Arianna - Light Auburn
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope (ivory) 01 (PU)
Clothing: !RFyre Bytterwynds II Tan Leather (there are many pieces in the set)
Shoes: Angry Monkey Villagers Boot (patched)
Accessories: come with Bytterwynds set

Some items may be gifts, prizes or simply no longer available. If you are having trouble locating a particular item, feel free to send me a message in world or add comment here on the blog and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Download my Windlight settings for this locale HERE.

Backstory: There is shopping within the cottages. Home furnishings as well as some lovely wildflowers are available. A bed and breakfast establishment is in the building stages.


SpaceCase M said…
Just found the sheep! They are awesome! And a great sim to boot! Thanks!

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