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Girls Girls

If you are into young, schoolgirl, Alice type attire, you can pick up this cute dress as one of the lucky board prizes here. The variety of 10 minute boards have both clothing and design items. The ~*Hiyori*~candy-alice_ outfit comes with three skirt patterns and the option of wearing with or without the collar. The tie is a separate choice, so there are plenty of styling options.

Perhaps my best news -- and I've been holding on to it for a couple of days, are these shoes. Free shoes. GREAT shoes and they are even color change. Woot!

These utterly fantastic wedgies have nine choices. The interface is very easy to use and the colors are simply named Yeah! There are neutrals also but I was in a mood for hues today. Don't miss out on these; they are the sf design gift for the month of September. There are some nice shoes for guys too. I'll show you those when I can lasso some of my guy friends.

Poses by LAP. Hair by Tiny Bird.


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