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Skins and Tats

Skin and tattoos this morning. See, I knew those plasters would come in handy. Dutch Touch sent out a skin gift to SOM folks this morning and it is a beauty. It fit the tough girl theme of the day even before I unpacked my new tattoos. The texture is dewy and creamy, the look sophisticated and somewhat haunted -- at least on me.

click for larger photos

The ears are especially nice, and great for showing off earrings like the silver and black jeweled hoops from Gems & Kisses (free at the Jewelry Fair). A white version is included in the pack.

The tattoos are unisex Harley themed from CyberStar BodyArt Tattoos. I ran across them on my wanderings last eve, slapped the Midnight board which was almost full and they arrived this morning. There are a few slots left on today's board if you hurry. I'm guessing there will be a reset, so watch carefully.

While these are biker tattoos, the arms are lovely and could easily be worn with a vest or sleeveless turtleneck sweater moving them over into mainstream. There is a stocking set included which is so handy for layering. The set includes regular ink as well as the faded version that I am wearing.

My sculpted jean skirt is by Maitreya, boots by BAX, Hair by Exile.

Poses by Striking Poses and LAP.


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