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Discoverying Paradise

On my personal short list of things to do for myself when I had time was a visit to the three sim complex that includes My Paradise. I knew they had fantastic water and I wondered what else they might have of interest to my readers. Well here's one thing.

See raft. Nice raft. Multi person- multi pose raft. Pretty textured raft.

FIVE PRIM RAFT (yes complete)

The vendor text states that the raft, pillows, fire and umbrella would normally be 47 prims. They are five using complex sculpties. I know that there is a more correct term for sculpties that go beyond the norm, but I don't remember it. You get the idea; there is more for your prim allowance.

The raft moves ever so slowly in a circular motion, there are five poses to choose from and each person gets the same pose choices. I am guessing that this will sit four as two of the poses overlap in placement.

The second new item is even more astounding. Most of what is shown in this picture is OUTSIDE the sim border. I'm not sure of the technique used, but it is impressive. You can be standing on your island or waterfront sim and it seems like you have SO much more land. You really need to see this to believe it.

click to enlarge photos

The top photo shows you the complete raft. The second photo shows the edge of the sim. Everything in back of the red lettering is out there in "no man's land". It is so amazing what our content creators are doing, and since the search function will not be rivaling Google any time in the next decade (just an assumption), I am happy to be able to show you some things I have found.

So journey over to the My Paradise sim and take in the beauty. Don't forget to enjoy the REAL waves :D.


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