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Hair News 'n More

This started out as quick post to let you know that Wonder's "trademark" Elven Hunter hair will soon be available for purchase at Alli&Ali Designs. It turned into a journey with hunting and gathering. All good. Here's the scoop.

Some of you IMed me in world about Wonder's hair. It is unisex, but the guys seem to like it the most, OR it just looks more impressive on Wonder. I agree :D. I talked to Alice Klinger this morning and she will have it out for sale next Friday. Yeah! So if you journeyed over to look for it already, my apologies. I thought it was available. Wonder is wearing the Dogtag necklace from Virtual Impressions. Find it in the Modavia gift bag for men at Bryant Park. These are usually in the tents scattered around.

There is a hunt going on at A&A with 27 items to find. Six will give you gifts including a pack Elven hair in three fantasy colors. I did the hunt while I was at the shop and found all six prizes. There are other hair packs (both guy and gal) as well as a cool looking inventory control "mirror" that looks very interesting. I need to study the manual, but it is only one prim and looks like a great tool. There is also a slightly naughty gift. I won't spoil the surprise, but it is transferable if you aren't a naughty guy or gal.

You are looking for school items like pencils, book stacks, single books and rulers. Click on the object from close range (no camming) and it will tell you it has been found, what number it is and if you will get a gift from that find. You can also go to other stores and keep hunting for items there. It was fun and fast with some cool presents, so if you have time do a little strolling and get some goodies.

Gals who like lots of flowing tresses are in for a treat this week at A&A. This Lanyana Hair Autumn is the voting gift. Such pretty colors. Auburns mix with browns to give a natural look. The hairs are click resize for easy adjustments. You can find other colors of this hair on the MM board and as a group gift. There's something for the guys too of course.

The landing point for group gifts and voting prize hairs is here at Alli&Ali. The Midnight Mania board is on the East wall past the action wall. The hunt is on all three floors.

Have fun!


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