Black and White and Shy!

Now I KNOW this looks like an odd post (LOL) but there is a THEME here. All the items shown above have an Eastern (as in the Orient) flare. They either came from an oriental sim or in the case of the hair are an obvious adaptation of a style.

I wanted to tell you about some of these finds and this seemed to be the most fun way to put them all together.

The cute lopsided socks (I added a second top leg prim. They came with just one and that works too.) come in three colors - black, gray and brown. I won them at a lucky chair at SHOP SEU Shimokitazawa 186/82/0. [Note: that "0" seems suspect but that is what the LM says :D] And I was AT Shop Seu because a friend told me they had really nice manicure sets that you could camp for. Yep! An hour gets you a full set of many colors including pink, red, black and the yellow I am wearing (don't ask). They also have some VERY nice hair (limited colors for sure) with a few demos. So try those out while you are there. A few interesting almost free things add to the mix.

The hair came from a camp chair at Magika -- Magika Land 156/150/25. Not a new item there but a really nice one and the lines are shorter now that things haven't changed in awhile. I did notice a couple of new items though so check that out. I think this was 100 minutes or so for the hair -- a real deal.

And finally the towel which amazingly put it all together came from a Japanese sim named Token--TOKEN 55/165/33. It seems to be (I can't read the characters but there is some English in the mouse-overs) a place where vendors can give away nice free items. You click on the signs posted OUT FRONT of the large high rise buildings. A bit different, but once you get the hang of it you can simply fly around and see what you want. There are numerous things here including dresses and coats (blogged by others and look good) and even items for men.

The towel takes a bit of adjustment if you are a "stately" avatar ( I think I am 5' 10" or so) but not a huge deal as everything is mod. It comes WITH the cute pose ( a good enough reason to get it anyway).

Cheers and good eve.