Foggy Morn

It's a foggy Fall morn in the Louisiana Bayou. Harvests are underway and roadside carts are being filled with squash and pumpkin, melons and corn -- all the hearty vegetables that announce the change of seasons. Just out from JANE, this super cute mesh dress. It comes in two patterns and color choices within those styles. This it seems is my favorite although I have to admit it was difficult choosing. For the record, this is the "cinch waist dress.austin.browns". Four sizes to choose from and demos at the shop so if this looks like your style, you know the drill.

The harvest cart in the background is a hunt prize from Hanya.  I have forgotten which hunt, but you will want to find all the available prizes anyway while you are there!  Along with the filled cart, you get an empty version as well as the crates of veggies separately. I think a few of those crates will find their way to my front porch soon :D.

Poses by: LAP