There is a new retro bar prop in town. Perfect for role play or decorating your vintage club, it comes with lots of poses built in.

Stools are separate and contain their own menu. The bar comes in regular and low prim versions. Drinks to hold are included. Find it at (*chanimations.

My impressive and sultry dress is a freebie from Yasum Designs.

No group required, just pick it up at the marketplace. Two sizes are included; I am wearing the smaller of the two. I have to admit that I needed to lose a point in body fat to keep from popping through the seams of the dress *wink*, but dieting is good sometimes.

The dress is a sexy number and can span the time differential in style from classic vintage to modern day clubbing attire.

This is a MESH dress if you haven't guessed. And in the mesh news, Phoenix will be joining the mesh viewers soon. Thanks to the work of the Cool Viewer's Henri Beauchamp the newest big news in SL will be backported into Phoenix. Great for the die hard Phoenix folks that don't want to move onto Firestorm, it is good news for everyone in that more folks will have the ability to see mesh and therefore its success is pretty much assured.

Read more about the news here.

Poses by: (*chanimations