Mermaids - Take Two

There's lots of news over at Yasum Designs. Happily I listen to the group chatter. There are so many things happening over there that it is easy to miss out. This gorgeous mermaid outfit with very nice floaty spinning AO (only one animation as far as I can see but very nice) was a fashion show event gift. It is now upstairs in the new freebie area. There are lots of free skins mixed in with some low cost ones also.  Group gifts abound in that area so take a look if you haven't been there before.

I really can't say enough about this tail; it is spectacular!  Make you way to the teleporter HERE. Then when you arrive at the freebie and sales room, go up to the next floor. The mermaid gift is in a bag on the floor next to a skin vendor. You will need a group tag on to claim your present.

And if you picked up the FAWN avatar the other day, there is now one for guys out to match. His and her fawns (or maybe we better say "stag" for the fellows). Find it next to the lady's version on the main floor near the lucky chairs. 

Poses by: the included AO