It's been a great long weekend for me -- in both worlds -- with much accomplished, new projects stared and a few wrapped up. Today, among other things I began pre-production on a new video with the theme of endings. There is a real life story mixed in, but the more important part was learning new skills and exploring new territories. This is the set for one scene -- sort of a practice shot so to speak.  It will be a bit darker and more mysterious in the movie and I may even turn on shadows after hiding the built in ones of my Cheeky Pea vanity.  It is a pretty scene in the making, just a few adjustments and we are there.

I have newness to report, happily. Sassy has a lot of just out releases, plenty to choose from;  but when I saw this poet's blouse I looked no further. I had something like this a few decades ago. It was slinky and had to be ironed and I spent a LOT of time ironing as I loved it so much. It wasn't bare midriff of course, but still the memories were welcomed.  The sleeves and the collar of the design are both quite striking. Casual with jeans or more feminine with a long peasant skirt, it is definitely a winner in my book. It also solved my movie wardrobe dilemma *wink*.

LAP has new poses out which makes me happy on a couple of fronts. One, I have been a fan of Dove's since I sprung out of the pod a few years ago, and two these are some of my favorites for a long while. I had a difficult time picking which ones to show you. Now there is a BIG surprise in store -- and for me too. These are poses for GUYS!  Who knew? Well I would have if I hadn't jump into trying them on without looking at the vendor texture. But when I saw the "M" in front of the pose names, I had an inkling. Do I care? NOT in the least. I love these!  They most likely work well for guys too, but Chav and I will definitely be sharing. So guy or gal, take a look at the new So and So pack.

Poses by: LAP